Integrated with booking systems

  Human resources optimization

  Speeds up pace of play

  Players satisfaction

  Players and workers monitoring

How does it work


Each player/worker is located by means of tags placed on bags/buggies/machinery.

Marshalls get a global view of the current state of the golf course from club house or anywhere using a smartphone or computer, therefore problems can be identified beforehand.

Wide dashboard with access to statistics and detailed information.

Includes the monitoring for machinery and workers inside the golf course.

Players movement are detected by means of detection points strategically located in the golf course.

In commercials golf clubs


  Increases the amount of games in the club

  Optimizes tee times

  Decreases personnel costs by optimizing their duties

  Improves customers satisfaction

  Detection of intrusion in the course

  Decreasing slow round

In socials golf clubs


  Decreases personnel costs by optimizing their duties

  Improves members satisfaction

  Helps to reduce pace of play

  Decreasing slow round

  Location of games playing out of paid tours



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